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posted by ~Loving Vintage

All the hype about whether a vintage purse or handbag is fake or real. Lets flip that…unless someone does a full blown white glove inspection on zippers and linings and smells the leather….or uses a magnifying glass to inspect the serial numbers if they have any serial numbers at all….who cares!

When I look for a nice vintage accessory, whether it be shoes, jewelry, belts, or hats, my main focus is does it fit with my style; do i have anything that i can use this to compliment or vice versa. Not…is this real and will others spot my FAKE.

To be quite honest, I don't look at a non-brand name vintage purse as being a misfit. I look at the material its made out of. I feel the bag, smell it, wear it on my shoulder and look in the mirror. "Does this vintage handbag suit my style?"

Don't get me wrong. In the back of my mind I'm also thinking "does this vintage handbag scream GENERIC!"

If it's one thing I detest, it's a fake imitator of something (and that comment goes beyond the world of vintage purses and handbags;) I'd rather a purse be totally original and odd, so to speak, than for it to be a fake copy of something.

I get compliments all the time on the uniqueness of my handbag or the quality of it. I love those kind of compliments rather than…is that Chanel or Kate or Louis. I give respect where due, but thanks for those that respect and admire my sense of style. My style represents me. If that includes adding pieces to my wardrobe that stand out for beauty and originality rather than price tag, then I humbly accept it.

Don't major on the minor, by that I mean don't exclude a vintage purse from your option list just because it does not have a $1000 ticket price to go with it. If I revealed my price range for purses, your jaw would drop. I shop vintage at resale, consignment, and thrifts. I get my greatest high quality pieces there. It just takes a little more time, and effort, and favor of God to grab up a special deal.

So this post is dedicated to all of us who choose to use our time searching for rare, special, delicate pieces that tell others what we're all about.

No offense to the name branders. We all can still co-exist in this world, each with our unique individual flare.

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