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The Marketer's Manifesto

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One of the reasons why I started my own blog was to try to make some extra cash on the side. By profession, I am an elementary teacher. I also do direct sales on the side, but I wanted to learn how to make a little extra cash on the side. Slowly, but surely, this has become a work in progress.

With each passing day, I read, study, and glean the "information pages" in hopes of unlocking the key. I have stumbled upon some pretty good information and assistance.

My goal is of course good information for the least amount of money I can pay. Who has all that money to dish out?

Because I am involved in direct sales, I see the similarities between that market and the mlm way of doing things. Their business models claim to be totaly different however, I have seen differently. 

I've been to the insurance meetings, the weekly "pump-you-up" positive thinking seminars and just keep thinking there has to be a better way. I've come to find out….THERE IS! So right now, I'm slowly trying to put the pieces in place and making a little cash in the  meantime.

Who would say, "I don't need any extra cash?" Certainly not me or anyone else that was thinking straight! So I am going to offer you a chance to get started on the right foot, one foot in front of the other and learn some valuable information that will set you up for a great future.

Like I said, one foot at a time. Thats the way I'm learning it. But this book unveiled so many truths about everything I had been doing. I just want to share it with everyone who can invest a little extra time to chance a life.

You don't want to pass this up. Thats why I want to give it to you for FREE.  


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The Marketer's Manifesto

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