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Check out hot international styles at Glass Boutique Click here to check out Embroidered workwear    

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Wholesale Purses and Accessories – Crafting an Absolutely Unique You and Much More

Author: Saunders Have you gone through looking around in shopping malls all day in order to locate the proper handbag for an occasion you should be present at? Do you invest more than sixty minutes every day when figuring out which handbag matches which wardrobe? Do you love accessories and cannot seem to acquire...

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Vintage Individual Flare

Vintage Individual Flare

Uniqueness vs. Price Tag posted by ~Loving Vintage All the hype about whether a vintage purse or handbag is fake or real. Lets flip that…unless someone does a full blown white glove inspection on zippers and linings and smells the leather….or uses a magnifying glass to inspect the serial numbers if they have any...

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~Techniques to get at least 1 or 2 more years of wear before buying a new designer bag.

~Secrets to looking sophisticated and classy with an old designer handbag without the usual wear and tear.

~How to be the envy of your friends sporting a new 100% authentic bag month-after-month without the high ticket price.

~Where to find high-end quality wholesale handbags for a fraction of the cost.

~Ways to attract admirers of all kinds...simply with a bag.